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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 22, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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why, mr., president, the shock and raim of what you already knew was baked in to that sequest tration cake? you knew full well what was coming down the pike. you helped bake the cake. why this furry over america going down the tube? surely the automatic cuts to which you agreed and some say all but wrote aren't that? why alarm now? since the cuts only got around once, it just doped on you. you surely wouldn't taken off for a round of golf. congress would haven't left town. maybe the white house really didn't know. maybe you, mr. president, didn't, then maybe you really didn't have a clue. you only became aware after the fact.
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you are jent issue, and you woke up after the fact and now it's your time. your newfound raid means you are discovering what you should have known. not that it didn't interrupt the golf game days ago but the next thing to surprise you and launch a scare tactic days from now. the reason i want to stress, folks, that the sequestration cuts are not the end of the world, they're in the a rounding error. but this is $85 billion. 3.6 trillion budget. $16 trillion debt. half of those in the $85 billion. >> kimberly: hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, andrea tantaros, dana perino, greg gutfeld.
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5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: america is on the brink of a fiscal fiasco and washington is at a stand still. the full blown campaign to pass the blame on republicans, carrying them a new on a sharpton's radio show. >> my sense is that the basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise tactaxes on wealthy individuals or corporations. >> from a communication standpoint is this a good idea to harness the ammunition? after the republicans say they are to blame? they are the ones that have the economy at a standstill in
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this country, because of the inability to act and do the right thing? >> from a communication standpoint you get more bees with honey. you would be able to accomplish more if you were civil. as an american and republican, i am disappointed in the president. he has distain for half the country. i would haven't said it. ewould not have sent him away for guy's weekend where he played golf for a weekend and come back to say my gosh, we have a crisis. we could have gotten it done a long time ago, the thing that is crazy is the parade of horribles he talks about was their idea in the first place. take a hostage you're not willing to, you know what. >> kimberly: take them out back and shoot them. >> dana: that is a thing
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i've heard. >> kimberly: okay. andrea, is this a good idea? talk about context, the history here. >> andrea: we now have an opportunity to reduce the deficit hand is howling about it. i think the president had capital when he came in office. he burned through on obamacare in the most divisive of ways. after the second win, you saw him come out and gave the speech i'm everybody's president. you only one by 51%. he could really make history here, i think, if he would have over the last two years made an attempt to bring republicans and democrats together.
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cap simpton-bowls and do something about entitlement. he could have got more done and had a greater legacy than he will have. >> kimberly: greg? >> greg: i don't know. we're all kind of guilty of this. you remember the 46, or 49% from the republicans. we are guilty of doing the same thing. >> dana: on national radio? >> greg: that's what i'm saying. this is adolescent to me. ronald reagan was a great communicator but he is a great instigator. he doesn't want to bring people together. you can hate bush all you want but bush didn't hate. i don't remember bush going after people and going after people. >> kimberly: complaining or bad mouthing. >> greg: protecting the rich bind the republicans. what bind democrats are bind. they try to keep peak down with promises of making the pay more. >> kimberly: what do you think of the strategy of the
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president? right idea to blast republicans and finger point? it seems like playground antics. why would he do that. tell us the strategy. >> bob: i'm trying to get prozac in my veins after the open. it's not that bad. the reason obama is doing this he knows what the polls tell him, and that is the public does think, whether you think it's fair but the republicans do favor the wealthy and willing to do what is necessary to protect them. obama is playing a strategy here. he will try to push the republicans, the republicans will eventually cave. there will be a deal. don't anybody out there worry about it. don't sell your campers or do anything else. it will be fine. >> greg: i don't have a camper. >> bob: you don't have a camper? >> andrea: you say this is not a big deal but i'm really ticked off today. we are broke. does nip get that? everyone says it is not a big deal. looking at the polls. playing politics.
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we are bankrupt. we are over. >> bob: we're fine. we're fine. >> andrea: we are done. at least carter tried. jimmy carter tried. >> kimberly: oh, my gosh, we got to that point yet? >> bob: i don't think we are broke. there will be a deal and it will bring enough money in to get us below to fall. this is biggest economy in world. we can handle a deficit like this. we'll be fine. g with that logic if the deficit doesn't matter why raise taxes? we don't need revenue, as they call it re-knew, our money, is deaf if its don't matter. we could keep spending. have it both ways. >> bob: it matters at $20 trillion. that's when state-of-the-arts tit starts tomatter. >> andrea: we are at 17. >> bob: it will come back down.
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this is as low as it was in theizeen hour years. >> dana: that is not the problem. republicans take unpopular position to say they would do something on entitlement reform. it's not a popular thing to say we are going to do means testing, wealthier seep yours pay more for social security or medicaid. it's not a popular position. right thing to do. putting things off for another four years to me is irresponsibly. >> bob: do you think he will allow four years to go by and allow the legacy to be total polarization? >> kimberly: he is not worried that is the case. you will get form of gun control. >> kimberly: different perspective. american crossroads has this ad out and their take to
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president's role. >> these cuts in washington now as sequestration, are you willing to see first responders lose their job and teachers laid off? >> they were president obama's idea. >> the so-called "sequester" was obama's idea in the first place. he signed it law. >> white house recommended this. in august 2011. >> bob: to sell people this is obama's idea, it was his idea. but that is not what the public believes. the public believes -- >> andrea: do you hear yourself? >> bob: i am talking as a politician. is up why obama is doing what he is doing and sequestration being obama's idea. it doesn't matter. it does not matter.
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republicans are taking the fall. >> eric: i don't agree with you on that. >> andrea: the ad is bel beltway. you can go back and forth and play the blame game. okay. it's obama's fault. we know that. jay carney admitted it. what are you going to do about it? republicans would be better sevened cutting a deal on entitlements. they have the capital and they should do it. they are not pushing hard enough. your fault, your fault. who cares. it's not moving any needles. watch. >> dana: you can continue. all the passion in the world. i don't have anything else to say. >> kimberly: greg? >> greg: i think overall getting away from the ads. in my mind the country has a collective amnesia. we woke up and think we're belgium. at one point we thought we'd
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remember what it was like to be an exceptional country and talk about the rich, not like they're rich but they are successful. they want to be successful in that achievement is something special. wonderful. >> dana: we are pressing the snooze alarm. >> greg: exactly. obama has no problem judging the rich and successful, not about anybody else. we look at broken families and the only thing that the administration is fueling is the welfare state. we have problems everywhere with the disintegration of social values but never talk about that. he goes after people who are successful because it's easy and he preys open i have and won't say what is happening to everybody else in the country. >> kimberly: what about that? politics of punishment. >> bob: we are a great country. we are going to get through
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this fine. at the 11th hour we always had a deal. there will be a deal and it will get done. there will be a deal before september. >> kimberly: did you get it on the iphone prior to the show 4:56? >> bob: i don't take the talking points from them. i'm telling you that i know politics enough to see two people prosturing themselves. >> bob: you speak so negatively. >> kimberly: i do not. i love this country -- >> greg: the next block is on the ten worst cities. >> kimberly: we have the ability to try to police ourselves a bit and stop reckless spending to have the courage and fortitude to do so we wouldn't in the position we are in. >> bob: this is friday. pick it up. >> kimberly: coming up on "the five," unbelievable shot. this is positive. at basketball game. it wasn't made by a player.
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but a cheerleader, of course. i am going to practice that after the show. we'll show the amazing halfcourt flip shot and stay tuned for the preoscar party. we're going to get down. that is later on "the five." our thoughts on hollywood's big night. that is ahead. don't go away. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: now for the happy segment. do you live in up with of most miserable cities in america? forbes released the list for 2013 and the most miserable is -- detroit. the motor city earning the number one spot with the high crime rate, high unemployment and deep financial woes. they looked at unemployment, violent crime, foreclosure, taxes and they looked at commute times and the weather. most of the top ten were three
2:18 pm
cities from michigan, three from california and three from illinois. number ten, great city here, new york. take a look at the pictures before and after in cadillac, michigan. this is the cadillac building. that is grand central nation. you pitched the story. a great one. you noticed a common denominator. >> greg: all the mayors are democrats, and the ones that claim not to be are liberal. like michael bloomberg. this is funny, if you look at like detroit it looks like it was hit by hurricane. it was. hurricane liberal. democrats run the city forever. they ruined that city. everybody is moving. everybody is leighing. that is the obama dividend, because he is creating jobs in the moving industry. as people flee and it's part of michelle's obesity, fight obesity plan.
2:19 pm
they run from creditors. >> kimberly: that was creative. >> bob: detroit had problems before obama was born. the auto industry left detroit and went south -- >> dana: look, it is all going to be fine. >> bob: it is. they include new york city and washington, d.c., in that list. i can't imagine -- >> dana: d.c. is not in the top ten. flint, michigan. chicago. >> bob: chicago is a great town. >> greg: yeah, for getting shot. >> dana: a lot of people who live in chicago, they love it. for others it's a place of lie crime. also, one of the things they talk nant the survey is commuting time. that came up over and over. how long it takes to get to and from work. >> kimberly: that is part of your enjoyment, how long does it take to get to work. what is the weather like? and other stuff to misery index. they don't call it that for
2:20 pm
nothing. unemployment. violent crime. foreclosures, taxes, gross, property home prices, plummeting. now you look at detroit and it looks like the set of "i am legend" where it's deserted. radioactive -- >> bob: have you seep it lately? they have plowed under detroit in the community gardens i'm all for. >> greg: depending on what they grow. >> dana: the mayor defended and said i have a plan here. we have are trying to deal with the important things first. thaw need public lighting. are the cities too far gone to come back? >> andrea: a lot of them are. i look at detroit for example. the budget deficit is like $32 billion. i don't see how you come back. >> kimberly: bankruptcy. >> andrea: i don't see how you do it. take the crime rate. if you have a spending problem and you don't have enough
2:21 pm
money to pay for police how do you fix crime problem? does everyone move out like greg says and get a job with may flower moving? we didn't get to the breakdown of the family and you touched op it and that is a huge issues. president obama is a perfect messenger and has missed that opportunity as well. >> dana: one thing they took out of this survey last year they had is the sports team. they said it was more regional an city-specific. detroit, they have good sports teams, right? >> greg: i guess so. >> dana: the lions and tigers and bears. not the bears, they're in chicago. >> bob: the fact is they do have sports team. baseball and football. people seem to keep going to their games. suburban area around it. >> the chauts are hard? there is community time.
2:22 pm
>> dana: quick question. favorite city outside the one you grew up in? >> kimberly: i grew up in san francisco. my favorite city new york. >> bob: austin, texas. >> andrea: miami. cades i knew you were going to say that. >> greg: in the united states? >> dana: in the united states. >> greg: allen town, pennsylvania. >> if you live in allentown the first thing everybody tells you it's close to a lot of places. 45 minutes from philly, hour-and-a-half from new york. you are close to quaker town. there is yaccos. >> it's really messy hot dogs. andrea knows. >> you went to rehab there. >> greg: i know where it is. >> bob: we tried to escape and go to allen township and we want back. >> it's a fun place.
2:23 pm
dailies. >> the chicken lounge. huh can you forget the chicken lounge? >> bob: the demographics is heavily hispanic. >> dana: next year, forbes should ask about the best eateries for under $20. you could add it to the happy. >> put weather in this thing. the weather is going to change? >> that is why people are leaving. >> because they don't like the global warming? >> eight of the ten mayors of the miserable cities supported obama. >> dana: a lot of the urban places like san antonio, they supported obama and that city is doing great. in the south and also in texas. come up, she made history to qualify to start at the head of the pack at daytona. will she beat the boys this sunday? i'll tell you what greg said about it in the green room.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: ladies and gentlemen, start your engyps. this sunday, danica patrick will race from the coveted pole position and record books of the daytona 500. the first woman to do so. you are our official nascar fan here at the table. you go to the races. this is the first woman to start in this position. another woman.
2:29 pm
>> bob: her boyfriend is in the 19th spot in the race. her new boyfriend. 14% of the people who have the pole position at daytona go on to win. that is long odds. the fact she ran that in her trials 197 miles per hour. >> kimberly: awesome. >> bob: remarkable. nascar pulled back on how fast the cars could go. they were going so fast, they were crashing. ewould go to infield drunk and i didn't watch until there was a crash and i'd wake up. these are great athletes. this woman deserves a lot of credit. they say it equals out because the cars do it. but the cars are all pretty much the same. it's about the strategy and keeping your car in the right position to get the right openings. >> dana: are they more athletic than golfers? >> andrea: this is a fair
2:30 pm
playing field. do you think women will tune in to the race? >> dana: earlier in the greg room. "greg room." [ laughter ] he said it's good thing there is no parallel parking at daytona. district that was her joke and tried to pip it op me. danica patrick won one more race than me. she is overrated. she's not overrated because she is not rated that well. i am more of a fan of rosy rui. who cheated in the boston marathon and proved even women can be cheats. >> kimberly: you are din min niching her accomplishments. >> greg: i'm not. >> kimberly: you are. you are a hater. >> greg: bring down the hype. i get first woman and everything, the stories that
2:31 pm
the media -- >> kimberly: under promise overdeliver. i get it. >> greg: the girl power. >> kimberly: tell us how you really feel. weird on that end of the table. >> andrea: do you think this makes history? a girl named lawrence silverman, 28 yearles old from new york city, she will be the first female to try out in this year's regional combine. in the national football league. >> kimberly: i'm excited. >> andrea: a kicker and very, very smart. she has her own company. club soccer player at the university of wisconsin. master's thesis from m.i.t. total stud. what do you think? >> kimberly: this is fantastic. >> greg: of course you do. >> kimberly: what is wrong with you? you are against women who are winners. >> greg: i love women who are winners. i find stories so funny. >> dana: you are going to be sent back to the greg room. >> kimberly: on a permanent time-out. >> greg: you were mad about
2:32 pm
the parallel parking joke. >> kimberly: i like women challenging norms about sports. danica patrick or whether it's here. this is good. when i was little going to play soccer -- >> dana: my gut, women in combat for me, women in football, i don't know. >> greg: she is a kicker. that is the best job since being union delegate. they get paid $10 million an hour. they play like 4 minutes. more than o'reilly gets. >> kimberly: the refs call flags on roughing the kicker. >> greg: i want to make a point and then i'll shut up on these. i get suspicious of the story you hear the beginning of the story, you never hear the second part. you never hear the perp getting on the team. you hear this part of the story because it's interesting and we move on. >> andrea: so are you saying when you peel the layer off onion they're not impressive.
2:33 pm
>> kimberly: bob? i'm going to be positive again. i'm ready for you. >> andrea: do you think this girl is a winer. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: from university at hattiesburg, mississippi. we can do that in our sleep. >> greg: do that while driving, danica. >> andrea: you're impressed by that? i am easily impressed. >> kimberly: that is difficult to make a half throw shot.
2:34 pm
and with a free-throw. bob enjoyed it. flexibility and -- >> bob: give her anything she wanted. she is great. but go back to the kicker for a second. the reason she won't make it there are other things that kickers have to do, not the least of which once in a while they have to takal somebody. if they block the field goal. give her credit. the only position she can have in sports. >> dana: didn't she do it before in sports? high school? >> kimberly: she was a club soccer player. >> greg: i thought was banned in america. >> bob: the best athletes in the world are jockeys. there are women as jockeys very good. >> greg: greg missed it by an inch. >> kimberly: are you too tall to be a jockey? >> greg: yes. tragic failing in my life. i tried to start smoking at six. >> kimberly: is e too short or too tall? >> greg: senor foot steps. tragic accident. >> bob: i would like to see
2:35 pm
you and dan nash a horse -- dana in a horse race. i'd put money on that. >> kimberly: dana would women. >> andrea: i'm glad we got through the segment without pole and jokes with danica. if you are on an airplane, don't complain. greg has been on flights lately and has stories to tell you next on "the five." ♪ ♪ this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.
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2:40 pm
reduction and raid of federal spending growth. a week from the sequester, the administration is embarking op a national tour to promote aid and spending. senator is calling for it to be cap selled. should drones be used in miles per hour air space? if so, should they be for surveillance or armed? oscar pistorius will be free on bail until the trial in the valentine's day'shooting death of his girlfriend. he is charged with first degree murder. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so columnist for slate, the website, not the
2:41 pm
mote foric rock wants the airline ples to stop reclining in their seat. dan thinks it's rude but blames the airlines saying they recline in their seats because the seats recline. why do the seats recline? wouldn't it be better if they didn't? yes, they paid him to write that. seeking comfort, he thinks someone else has to give up theirs. that is hooy. everyone can recline. if i recline, so can you? unless you're in the last row. being born in a croppy country. the writer is suffering from the "new york times"ditorial disease. that immoral. it's how president looks at successful business map and think he got the wealth from someone else. this is the same with reclining. doesn't mean you don't doesn't mean i can't. i'll keep reclining. if you kick my seat from behind, i know how to respond.
2:42 pm
air travel adds air in your intestine to increase. i should haven't to finish this. >> greg: you can curl up on the seat. >> greg: like a kitten. dana knows this. problem with climbing up on things. you have a hard time. >> dana: for example, i can't even reach the floor on this chair, on this set. so i rest them on the table. on an airplane, my feet don't reach the floor. i like to recline a little bit so i can sit independent yap style in the chair and be -- indian style and be more comfortable. i am for the recline. if the person in front of me -- >> bob: if i tried to sit indian style on upleap i'd never get out. >> greg: does ni anyone agree
2:43 pm
you shouldn't recline? >> bob: i can't respond. it's been a long time since i fly coach. >> greg: spoken like a liberal. >> bob: they pay me. airline have responsibility because they put too many seats in the plane. there should be more room between seats. they bring the computers on board now. did you try to get out? i was caught in an iner seat to get out with the people on the computer is like fighting your way through electric -- >> greg: that was actually a starbucks. >> bob: oh, okay. >> kimberly: bob has the worst airplane stories and super traumatic. >> greg: always involving a diaper. >> bob: you don't need to sit next to a kid with a diaper. >> greg: yeah. andrea, you're flying soon. >> andrea: in a couple of hours. there is a right way to recline. the people that recline quickly and boom.
2:44 pm
>> greg: that is what i do. >> dana: you do? >> greg: i do that. >> andrea: armchair etiquette. don't use both. >> dana: slamming back is like what male dogs do at the park. claiming your territory early on. >> greg: don't bother asking me. you smoke outside and someone walks by and does a fake cough. the person behind when you recline goes "oooh." >> kimberly: you don't care. i am used to it now. >> dana: if you have someone in front of you who does a slam back, on the airplane it is claiming your territory, marking the territory before the flight gets going.
2:45 pm
>> bob: i thought claiming your territory was urinating. >> kimberly: thank you for calling on me. i feel bad if you recline back and somebody has their drink or computer and knock on their stuff and they hate you and you're stuck with them. i try to suck it up. i always end up in the middle seat. but whatever. >> greg: we got to go. they're yelling at me. the preoscar party is next. bob has advice for the winners. if you leave now i won't nominate you for a purple nurple. ♪ ♪
2:46 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bob: the 85th academy awards. i don't usually pay attention to. but i have advice for the
2:50 pm
colleagues to think about, people who accept the awards. don't go op and start talking about your first grade teacher and work your way up through your grandmother because it gets boring, okay. don't thank everybody and don't cry. those of you who don't win and take pictures of you, there are pictures when one of you win and the other four of you look happy. you are not happy. you want to kill the person. make it short. they go on way too longism don't know which picture i like. what is the longshot? "argot." >> greg: it's an animated film but he folds sweaters and he wants to be a man ki mannequ. then he is eatp bay cannibal. >> kimberly: so it's autobiograph call. >> bob: who will win? >> andrea: i think "argot" will win but i think "zero
2:51 pm
dark thirty" got the shaft. she was the golden girl of hollywood. then she does a movie honest and truthful and attacked by feinstein and mccain and senators and now she is on the way out. the academy didn't nominate her at all. "argot" is an awesome movie, it's not actual. it wasn't as factual. >> bob: i thought you said sexual. >> andrea: so you get blacklisted. >> bob: you can't stay few for academy awards. >> dana: true. >> bob: do you have a favorite? >> dana: i haven't seen all of them. it saw "beast of the southern wild" and i like that. keep it short and classy. having a tear in the eye is good buttent to let it spill over. no alcohol before the show, because trun drunk academy award guys are horrible. >> bob: was it marlon brando who sent the native
2:52 pm
american -- >> greg: yes. hollywood remains important because it's how america talks to the outside world. the message is hate america. i want to say -- >> dana: like we do. >> greg: i'm not a fap of movies nominated michigan favorite movie of the year, i cannot recommend because it's perverse is "paperboy." quat cabin in the woods." "magic mike" was ignored by the academy. they have something against matthew mcconnaughey. >> bob: who are you for? >> kimberly: well, thank you for editing yourself. i liked "li "lincoln." daniel day lewis was excellent. >> greg: what was "lincoln" about? >> dana: this guy. freddie remember the name of the movie about the shark? >> andrea: i think "argot"
2:53 pm
with win because hollywood is being the hero and they love hollywood. >> greg: what was the name of the movie about the fighter "rocky"? >> bob: the fighter "rocky 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." i thought it was great. i loved rocky. they still have the statue in philadelphia. >> greg: it deserved to be best picture. adrian! >> bob: one more thing up next. >> greg: great story. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. >> kimberly: time for one more thing. i'll kick it off with a special salute to an american hero. george bud day turns 88 on sunday and the five of us would like to wish him a happy birthday. he watches the show and we like that. he served our country in world war ii, korean war and vietnam. he was shot down as air force fighter pilot and taken as a p.w. for five years. he once talked to fox about the experience.
2:58 pm
>> don't know what happened. just went up conscious. next day -- [ inaudible ] the entire day. p.o.w. >> he was awarded the prestigious medal of honor by president ford. we want to thank you for your valor. we thank you for your service. we wish you well in health. happy birthday. god bless you. a special human being. >> greg: if i didn't feel insignificant enough already, i feel that big. that guy is a true hero. i want to plug "red eye" saturday. this is going to repeat on saturday. first time 11:00, brand new "red eye" and dan sash on. it will be fast. tune in saturday, 11:00. eastern time. >> dana: p.m.
2:59 pm
i have to stay away. >> kimberly: there you go. if you haven't had enough of greg. i'm sure you have not. >> dana: the united states is about to drop toxic mice on one of the territories. in guam because of the round tree snakes. not indijnous to the area. they came in world war ii. hawaii has been worried about it going there because it has eaten the birds so they come up with an idea to drop toxic mice that are dead. the brown tree snake is the only snake is willing to eat something it didn't kill and they will give this a shot. they have a parachute thing to catch it in the tree. >> greg: the plural of mice. >> dana: mouse? meece. >> andrea: we took the show from depressing to crescendo up. 17-y


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